What Should You Expect From A Door Opening?


  13 February 2015


When you are locked out and call a Locksmith to open the door for you what should happen? The first option should be to at least try to pick the lock! If the locksmith won’t even attempt to pick the lock  or rule it out after assessing the situation then buyer beware, especially if the price seems too good to be true.

Drilling the door is going to be a more expensive option as you will then have to pay for new hardware, more time ie labour costs, new keys……..  I think you get the point. Make sure that whoever is coming to your door is going to be ethical and explain why it can’t be picked if they deem it necessary to drill. Again if they come to the door drill in hand you need to start asking questions.

If it is winter and not a missing key issue all the the lock may need is to be lubricated. Please don’t use WD40 as it could cause you other problems. A Locksmith should have proper lubricant to fix this problem.

As we head into a long weekend please stay safe and have a very happy weekend!


Please Note: These are the opinions of the blogger.

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